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Re: cleanly replacing the trunk (but keeping one branch)

From: Sergei Organov
Subject: Re: cleanly replacing the trunk (but keeping one branch)
Date: 29 Aug 2005 16:10:30 +0400
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Jim Hyslop <address@hidden> writes:

> Jim Hyslop wrote:
> > Nikita Tovstoles wrote:
> > [...]
> >
> >> checked into the repository.  What I'd like to do now,
> >> is to keep the branch as it is, but completely remove
> >> the trunk and replace it with all the new code that is
> >> on my laptop at the moment. I've been the only
> >> commiter so far. How can I do that?
> >
> Oops, forgot a step:
> > cvs co module
> cd module
> > cvs update -j HEAD -j branch-tag
> > cvs commit
> *Now* you're done ;=)

As far as I understood, the OP doesn't want to replace the HEAD with the
branch, and that's what the above commands do, right? For me it seems
that the OP wanted to replace the HEAD with his modified files that he
initially got from the HEAD, so it sounds more like regular commit (with
a lot of changes/ file renames).


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