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Re: CVS Replication Advice Sought From Experienced Folk

From: Derek Price
Subject: Re: CVS Replication Advice Sought From Experienced Folk
Date: Mon, 29 Aug 2005 16:33:42 -0400
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With a little knowhow, you can set up CVS 1.12.12 to do something like
this.  Commits do always go to the central server, however, even though
it looks like they are going to one of the secondary servers from the
client end.  Only the secondary ever actually talks to the primary, not
the client, and reads talk exclusively with the secondary, so if you are
concerned with either firewalls or bandwidth, this may do the trick.

and examples in the proxy-check mode in the src/ file
distributed with CVS.



Doug Lee wrote:

>I seek a good but inexpensive CVS replication solution, Active-Active
>in WANdisco terminology, for a set of sites less than or equal to ten,
>probably more like three to begin with.  This is both for myself
>individually and for a small company, and in both cases, price is a
>major concern.  By Active-Active, I mean I need the ability to commit
>to any repository copy and sync them later when I have connectivity to
>other sites.  It's ok for there to be one "master" site to which all
>syncronizations go, but it is not ok to require all commits to be made
>directly to one master site.  In other words, given three sites A, B,
>and C, it is not ok to require all commits to go to A, but it is ok to
>make B sync with A and C sync with A, provided that one can commit to
>A, B, or C and then sync later.  Major extra points for
>synchronization of CVSROOT files like modules.  Also major points for
>cross-platform compatibility--e.g., A is Unix, B and C are Windows.
>Minor extra points if the system works with both CVS and CVSNT,
>particularly if with both, though since I've not yet used CVSNT, I
>don't know the limitations of this idea theoretically.  Any
>replication system I get will be used to develop both commercially
>sold/contracted and open-source software.  We already have a number of
>projects in plain CVS which I would import into the new replication
>Advertisements for commercial products meeting these specifications
>will be welcome at my email address on a one-time basis; please do not
>add me to any marketing email lists.
>I am aware of WANdisco's CVS Replicator, but just judging from the way
>their site is set up, it looks pricy.  I am aware that other solutions
>exist, but I don't know them by name, feature set, or web site yet.
>Input welcome.

Derek R. Price
CVS Solutions Architect
Ximbiot <>
v: +1 717.579.6168
f: +1 717.234.3125

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