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Re: "-ko" and binary files...

From: Derek Price
Subject: Re: "-ko" and binary files...
Date: Tue, 30 Aug 2005 10:06:46 -0400
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Yes, -ko on the command line overrides the -kb you have in cvswrappers.

With a server that uses UNIX EOLs (single line feed) and a client that
uses the same, -ko should be equivalent to -kb, so you are getting
lucky.  If you tried the same import from WOE or an older Mac, or even a
later checkout of your -ko'd binaries to those platforms, you should
usually end up with corrupted binaries.

I suggest adding -ko for non-binary file types in your cvswrappers
file.  I believe the wrappers list is traversed first to last, so adding
"* -k 'o'" as the last line in the file should set a default and get you
the behavior you are looking for.  I might be wrong on order of
traversal though, so it may have to be the first line.  Let me know what
you discover about the order of the list traversal.



Timothy Stone wrote:

> Environment: Mac OS X Tiger, CVS 1.11.19 on the server, 1.11.18 on 
> the client
> List gurus,
> I'm loading some third party source into my project repository. There 
> are .jpgs, .gifs, .jars, etc. All of which I have set as binary in my 
> $CVSROOT/cvswrappers.
> However, my binary files always end up as `-ko' not `-kb' when I 
> check there status in immediately on checkout to a sandbox.
> Now I have feeling this is because I put the `-ko' switch on my 
> import command:
> $ cvs import -ko -I! \
> > -m "loading vendor source" src/vendorsrc vendorsrc REL_2_26
> I think I just need some clarification on the `-ko' switch. Does it 
> supercede `-kb', meaning it's as good, and my binary files are okay?
> Many thanks,
> Tim
> --
> Timothy Stone   |    www dot petmystone dot com
> Rising Sun, MD  |  tstone at petmystone dot com
> "This Satan's drink [coffee] is so delicious...
>  we shall cheat Satan by baptizing it."
>  Pope Clement VIII (1592-1605)
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