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Re: group membership different for 1.12.10?

From: Derek Price
Subject: Re: group membership different for 1.12.10?
Date: Tue, 30 Aug 2005 10:47:01 -0400
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Darlene D Choontanom wrote:

> We just recently upgraded to CVS 1.12.9, and noticed that the group
> membership on our various CVS repositories are not working like they
> used to.  In previous versions, a user just had to be a member of the
> Unix group in order to be able to modify a repository.  Now, however,
> they need to change their effective gid via the "newgrp" command in
> order to access it. 

I wouldn't have expected this to happen and have seen no evidence of it
here.  Perhaps 1.12.x changed some file or directory access in such a
way as to interact with your UNIX file system in a new way?  If you
could give us more specific information about how to reproduce this and
perhaps exactly which operations are failing?  Specific error messages
would be helpful, as would specific OS and client versions.



Derek R. Price
CVS Solutions Architect
Ximbiot <>
v: +1 717.579.6168
f: +1 717.234.3125

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