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Re: cvs "grouping" feature

From: Derek Price
Subject: Re: cvs "grouping" feature
Date: Tue, 30 Aug 2005 10:56:10 -0400
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Starting with release 1.12.12, CVS has "commit ids" which basically do
what you are asking for.  They are automatically attached to each
revision of each file involved in a commit, and are accessed like tags.



address@hidden wrote:

>I recently started using cvs - setting up practice repositories -
>updating, commiting etc.  I have found it to be very rodust and
>complete.  however, there is one feature that I have seen in other
>commercial SCMs that I cannot fgure out how to do in CVS.
>How can I "group" files that are spread throught the repositpry to be
>committed or rolled back together?
>Meaning - if I have to edit a few files to implememnt a particular
>change, I want them to be comitted together, but I may be working on 5
>different changes at once.  Do I have to remember which files are
>involved and commit them together, or is CVS able to keep track of
>which files are involved in which change as I'm working on them?  I'm
>thinking this can be done by tagging?...
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