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Re: Strategy for tracking 3rd party source.

From: Mark D. Baushke
Subject: Re: Strategy for tracking 3rd party source.
Date: Tue, 30 Aug 2005 23:55:27 -0700

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address@hidden writes:

> I need to track some 3rd party source code, in this case the Linux
> kernel and then manage our local modifications to the kernel (don't
> worry, GPL is being respected).  I've run into an issue where an
> import updates files on the HEAD and I'm not sure if I want this to
> happen.
> For example, I import a kernel with the vendor tag of KERNEL_ORG and a
> release tag of LINUX_2_6_12.  I add my local changes and commit them.
> All is well.
> There are 2 projects that pull the HEAD from this module into their
> projects, this works pretty well.  The problem arises when I import a
> new version of the kernel, say LINUX_2_6_13.  Its possible that it
> could be a while (couple of days) before HEAD is working again - not
> an ideal situation for the projects that depend on this module.
> What I am thinking of doing is reserving HEAD for the 3rd party source
> and then making a branch, MYBRANCH.  The other projects can then pull
> from MYBRANCH (our internal HEAD so to speak), I can then do the
> import, merge the changes into MYBRANCH and commit the working code
> into MYBRANCH after its working.  That way MYBRANCH is always usable.
> Is this a reasonable approach?  

Your outlined method should work.

> Is there a better way?

I believe you want the 'cvs import -X' feature provided by Chris
Demetriou or you want to use his 'cvsimport_killnew' script.


This feature was added to cvs 1.12.10. The latest CVS release is cvs

        -- Mark
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