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CVS Merge, No Conflict

From: Abhishek_Sharma04
Subject: CVS Merge, No Conflict
Date: Fri, 2 Sep 2005 11:36:23 +1000


I found a bug while merging a file and wanted to know if there is some problem 
with the way we perform merging or it's an inherent CVS bug.
The CVS version we are currently using is 1.11.17.
The scenario is as follows:

+----+     +----+     +----+     +----+     +----+     +----+     +----+        
!1.87! --- !1.88! --- !1.89! --- !1.90! --- !1.91! --- !1.92! --- !1.93!
+----+     +----+     +----+     +----+     +----+     +----+  ^  +----+
    |                               |                          |  
    |                               |                          |                                             |
    |                               |                          |
    |                               |                          |
    |                               |                          | ---------------------> --------------------> 

We created a development branch for which the file version was 1.87
Some fixes were added to trunk and baselined at 1.88.
A string branch was created for testing based on 1.90 and changes of 
development branch merged on that. This was the place where the fixes of 1.88 
were overridden on string branch as development branch never had those fixes. 
Later this string branch was added to the trunk and again there were no 
conflicts shown by CVS and the bug got merged onto the trunk.

For all merging the commands were preety usual:
For string branch:
Cvs upd -j  cr_abc <file_name>

For trunk:
The trunk was first checked out and then string changes were merged
Cvs upd -j cr_abc_str <file_name>

We first thought that we did some mistake while merge and didn't observe the 
confict. But we were able to reproduce the same scenario again.

Kindly suggest how we can avoid this issue.
Let me know if you need any more details on this issue.
Thanking you in advance.  


Abhishek Sharma 
Infosys Australia
Tel:   + 61 3 9860 2294
Mob: + 61 400 145 107
Fax:  + 61 3 9860 2999
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