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Re: CVS Merge, No Conflict

From: Stuart Cooper
Subject: Re: CVS Merge, No Conflict
Date: Fri, 2 Sep 2005 12:15:26 +1000

> I would have agreed with you had the merging been from the same branch
> to the trunk. But in this case the merging is from different branches.
> Can you please suggest what command you would have used in that
> condition?

There's an unwritten law to always create a non-branch tag before you
create your branch tags. Let's say you'd done this and had tags on your
trunk called pre1_87 and pre1_90.

Then to merge your 1.87 branch changes into the trunk, you'd say

A) cvs upd -j pre1_87 -j cr_abc

Now to merge your 1.90 branch changes into the trunk, you'd say

B) cvs upd -j pre1_90 -j cr_abc_str

Not sure what you mean by a "string branch", I've never heard this
terminology before.

By the sounds of it you might have merged some stuff from the cr_abc branch
to the cr_abc_str branch anyhow- so when you then try to merge that branch
onto the trunk you might get the double merge conflict problem. You might
just want the changes in cr_abc branch *after* it was folded into
cr_abc_str branch.

This very quickly gets complicated, as you're experiencing, which is
why as a general
rule keep the number of branches to a minimum.


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