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Loginfo configuration

From: López Jeroni
Subject: Loginfo configuration
Date: Fri, 2 Sep 2005 14:23:23 +0200

Hello to everybody;
Actually I'am using the standart loginfo  configuration that as you know create de file commitlog.
In order to use the information inside this file to notify by mail I had replaced  the ">>commitlog"  with ">commitlog"  so the file only contains the log of the las t commit.

The problem I have is that the log works for a sigle file; ex: cvs commit -m "This is a test"  file_1; but when I make a commit with 2 or more files like:

 cvs commit -m "This is a test II"  file_1 file_2  file_3, that I suposse is permited, the the loginfo only generate a commitlog wih the information on file_1.

Do anybody now how to repair that?,is's this a normal feature of loginfo file?,
Thanks in advance & Best regards.

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