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New book: All About CVS (CVS Suite)

From: Arthur Barrett
Subject: New book: All About CVS (CVS Suite)
Date: Mon, 5 Sep 2005 11:26:26 +1000

All About CVS table of contents:

March Hare Software have released CVS Suite.

CVS Suite includes 
* the eBook "All About CVS: How to Design and Build an Effective CM Solution"
* CVSNT Server for Windows/Linux/Mac OS X with the following plugins: Bugzilla 
Integration, Build Management, Audit to Database, and E-Mail Notification
* CVSNT Client software for Windows including Release Manager, Workspace 
Manager, Tortoise with Bug Number support and "checkout single file".

CVS Suite is available for £85, €122, $147, A$195 per person.

The web site for CVS Suite is:

The free CVSNT server and command line client is available for Linux, Solaris, 
HPUX, Mac OS X and Windows:

The Free CVSNT server 2.5.02 includes support for transactions, change sets, 
rename (move due in 2.6.01), active directory / windows domain authentication, 
efficient binary file storage, mergepoints, atomic checkout, exclusive edits, 
access control lists (branches, modules, directories) and much more.


Arthur Barrett

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