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Re: import two repositories on same working copy folder ?

From: Jim Hyslop
Subject: Re: import two repositories on same working copy folder ?
Date: Thu, 08 Sep 2005 10:25:24 -0400
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tvlgiao wrote:
dear all,
please look at this picture

          Repo A              Repo B
      /           \            /
(read,write)    (read)    (read, write)
    /               \        /
 local                local
 working             working
  copy                 copy
   I                    II

i have a repository A, contains first project, a framework for build
web apps,
and another repository B, contains second project, an application based
on framework A,

first step, i want to import A into my local working copy of B,
so A is readonly, B can read and write, i want to keep the link on 2
projects, so that, i can update new revision of project A, even work on
project B

how can i do that?

The framework needs no special treatment - it's just another project in CVS.

Your application should treat the framework like a third-party module. Check out the application normally. The application project should contain a script or makefile which will check out the framework, using either 'cvs co' or 'cvs export', and then set the framework directory's contents to read-only (`chmod -R a-w framework` for *NX or 'attrib framework\*.* +r /s' for Windows). Of course, the first thing the script should do is check if the framework directory exists, and if it does then make it writeable so cvs can update it ;=)

Make sure your script always specifies the exact version of the framework to checkout or export. This will simplify your configuration management in the long run, and eliminate hard-to-find bugs caused by one developer using rev X and another using rev Y of the framework.


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