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Re: help with cvs server on linux box and graphic clients on windows box

From: Andy Jones
Subject: Re: help with cvs server on linux box and graphic clients on windows boxes
Date: Fri, 9 Sep 2005 14:26:01 +0100

Pointing you to a recipe for exactly what you want is problematic,
because there are a number of technical decisions you will have to
make - mostly regarding which graphical client you use and how secure
you want the connection with the CVS server.

I would suggest you tackle it in two stages: first, get cvs set up on
the server; then when that is working, look at getting the graphical
clients going.  (This second stage will involve some changes on the
server, too.)

If you want to compare some different version control systems, have a look at:

On 9 Sep 2005 06:07:10 -0700, rl_connected <address@hidden> wrote:
> I am trying to setup a cvs server on a linux box with graphical clients
> on windows boxes.
> Can anyone please point me to a working/detailed/ setup/installation
> article/tutorial?
> I have tried several that do not work.
> Please advise if cvs is not the best option for a newbie like me.
> Is there a simpler solution?
> Is there a cvs like program which allows (google-like) searches on the
> code or ducuments committed?
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