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Checking out a subset of directories

From: Dave
Subject: Checking out a subset of directories
Date: Fri, 9 Sep 2005 10:25:05 -0700

Hello all,

Our directory structure is as follows:

We have a top-level directory where our .sln file lives and then we have 60
sub-directories under that where the individual .vcproj files live (for
those of you familiar with Microsoft's solution and project files).

We also have two other directories under the top level - one for debug
binaries and one for release binaries.

During a routine development fresh checkout,  we'd like to check out the 60
source sub-directories but not the 2 binary sub-directories. This is because
the binary sub-directories are huge, and one of our developers is working
from abroad with a 56K modem, so her checkouts are 6 hours long because of
the binaries.

So, to put the question in general terms: What is the best way to check out
a selected subset of directories?


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