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Re: commit -r (was: How to go back to the branch after mistakenly switch

From: Ming Kin Lai
Subject: Re: commit -r (was: How to go back to the branch after mistakenly switching to the trunk)
Date: Sun, 11 Sep 2005 07:43:28 -0700

I feel I am misled by the cederqvist. On one hand, in Section A.10.2.1 of the 1.12.12 manual, it says "You can commit to a branch revision with the -r option." On the other hand, in Section A.10.1 under "-r revision" it says "You cannot commit to a specific revision on a branch." Do I misunderstand it or is this a very serious bug in the cederqvist?

I haven't checked in detail, but I suspect the answer is: You have to distinguish between a "specific revision" and a "branch revision".

If the tag 'branch-tag' is a branch, referring to branh 1.2.2, then you can 'cvs ci -r branch-tag' but you cannot 'cvs ci -r'.

At least, that's what I suspect the difference is.

Are you saying if there is an existing branch 1.2.2, and a branch-tag pointing to it, then I can
cvs commit -r branch-tag?
Well, if that's true, then I would say the manual is wrong. A "branch revision" is a revision, based on generally accepted usage of the English language, just like a tall man is a man, a black dog is a dog. But look at how the cederqvist defines the term "revision" - Section 4: "Each revision of a file has a unique revision number ... [that] look[s] like 1.2, or even A revision number always has an even number of ... decimal integers." That is, a branch like 1.2.2, which has an odd number of integers, is not a revision. That makes sense, because "revision" indicates changes. If no changes, then no revision. A branch does not involve changes. If it says "You can commit to a branch with the -r option", I can understand the difference though it would be much clearer to say " You can commit to a branch tag with the -r option". Oh wait, actually what it says is "You can commit to a branch revision (one that has an even number of dots) with the -r option". Darn! Here it just creates a term "branch revision" that is not a revision as defined in Sec 4. And I got confused with an even number of dots and an even number of integers. What a nice way to confuse readers!

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