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Re: commit -r (was: How to go back to the branch after mistakenly switch

From: Ming Kin Lai
Subject: Re: commit -r (was: How to go back to the branch after mistakenly switching to the trunk)
Date: Sun, 11 Sep 2005 08:05:54 -0700

Furthur thinking about it, I really think it is a bad idea to call a branch a "branch revision". The title of A.10.2.1 is "Committing to a branch" not "Committing to a branch revision". I don't know why a sloppy term "branch revision" is used in the body of that section. And it is very easy to think of "committing to a branch revision" as "committing _as_ a branch revision". I think what the section means is to commit future changes, as revisions,, etc, on that branch, rather than to commit a change to a file as a so-called branch revision. The branch, 1.2.2, is simply not a revision.

By the way, the main body (Section 4.3) never mentions that one cannot commit changes as a branch revision (like - now this is truly a branch revision (not the so-called 'branch revision' as used in Section A.10.2.1) - one has to look at the Appendix to find out this restriction. How nice!

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