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Proper Repository setup for newbe

From: Jeff Douglass
Subject: Proper Repository setup for newbe
Date: Sun, 11 Sep 2005 12:05:23 -0700

I am new to VCS and just started using Tortoise to control all my SW
projects locally. I have many different SW products. Some are just a bunch
of c files while other more advanced Windows apps are comprised of different
libraries and and DLLs. My quesiton is how should setup vcs to handle all
this. Should I just have a single repository with different projects/modules
for each product or have seperated repositories for each. Also what is the
best way to handle a single product that constists of a number of different
libraries, DLLs, and other components. I do not want to take a guess on the
best way to do all this and then have to modify the cvs structure down the
road to do it properlly.

Thanks for any advice.


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