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Re: What is HEAD?

From: Arno Schuring
Subject: Re: What is HEAD?
Date: Sun, 11 Sep 2005 23:11:51 +0200

The "head" of a branch (or trunk) is also called the "tip" and refers to
the highest numbered revision on the branch.  The "default branch" is
generally the vendor branch if the file has been imported and not
locally modified, and the trunk otherwise.

I need some clarification and confirmaton. By "default branch", you do not mean a branch created by
cvs tag -b mybranch
You mean either the "vendor branch" that is imported or the trunk.  Right?
Therefore even if I am on mybranch, with diff and no sticky tag and the file is not imported, or a command other than diff, HEAD does not mean the tip of mybranch, but still means the tip of the trunk. With diff and a sticky tag, HEAD is the tip of mybranch. Right?

I believe the case "on mybranch and no sticky tag" is not possible. When you are on a branch, you will always have a sticky tag (to be precise, the branch name is sticky). Therefore, when you're on a branch, HEAD will always be the tip of your branch (mybranch ;) when using cvs diff.

$ cvs up -r xml-rewrite
$ cvs status page.dtd
File: page.dtd          Status: Up-to-date

  Working revision: Sun Sep 11 20:56:50 2005
  Repository revision: /home/cvsroot/xml/src/page.dtd,v
  Sticky Tag:          xml-rewrite (branch: 1.5.2)
  Sticky Date:         (none)
  Sticky Options:      (none)

address@hidden cvs update -r HEAD
address@hidden cvs status -v
  Sticky Tag:          HEAD (revision: 1.4)
HEAD is apparently 1.4, tip of the trunk. And in the "update" command, HEAD apparently refers to the tip of the trunk.
But now I get a sticky tag.  Should it be there?

Yes, because you specifically requested a revision via the -r option. To get HEAD without a sticky tag, use update -A (which will clear all sticky tags).

$ cvs up -A
$ cvs st page.dtd
File: page.dtd          Status: Up-to-date

  Working revision:    1.11    Sun Sep 11 21:01:14 2005
  Repository revision: 1.11    /home/cvsroot/xml/src/page.dtd,v
  Sticky Tag:          (none)
  Sticky Date:         (none)
  Sticky Options:      (none)


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