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Re: CVS and unicode

From: Christian Hujer
Subject: Re: CVS and unicode
Date: Mon, 12 Sep 2005 21:01:41 +0200
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Am Sonntag, 11. September 2005 23:33 schrieb Arno Schuring:
> >Even on Windows there are text editors capable of using NL only (gvim,
> >UltraEdit, Emacs, most IDEs and various others).
> You seem to be primarily concerned with the utility to edit text files. How
> about all the programs that parse text files? Should programs that read
> their own configuration files be prepared to handle all possible line
> endings?
An algorithm that eats CR as well as CR/LF as well as LF isn't that difficult. 
vim's quite good at auto-recognition, and Java also eats CR/LF just as well 
as LF on Windows as well as UNIX (haven't tested CR with Java yet, I'm not 
curious about this, CR will die anyway).

> And how about the other way around? Should vi on unix be adapted to support
> CR/LF line endings?
It already does.

> You certainly seem to suggest that it is wrong for 
> windows editors to only support the OS' native line endings, so how about
> on unix?
Quite the same.
Regardless of the platform, an editor should be configurable, even if it's on 
UNIX, where I'd want to be able to edit CR/LF files perfectly well. (In my 
sense of perfectly a command line option or runtime setting is just fine)


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