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Re: CVS and unicode

From: Jim Hyslop
Subject: Re: CVS and unicode
Date: Mon, 12 Sep 2005 15:42:21 -0400
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Christian Hujer wrote:
I do not see any course where line ending conversion is correct course of action. I'd even expect a CR/LF file checked in on Windows to retain it's CR/LF endings when checked into a repository (no matter wether UNIX or Windows), and I'd expect the file to still contain CR/LFs when I check it out on UNIX. Which will be the case if the file contains CR/LF in the repository.

Some build utilities on go haywire if the configuration file contains a line ending that is not the O/S-defined one. These utilities expect the configuration files to be plain text (i.e. the O/S's definition of "plain text").

If I'm writing a project which is to be built on both Windows and UNIX, the correct course of action is to perform line ending translation.

I doubt that you will get much support for dropping the automatic line-ending conversion. As Derek and/or Larry have said, if anyone can come up with a plan to split out line-ending conversions from -kb, that may get adopted.


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