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Re: Users and permission problems

From: Roddie
Subject: Re: Users and permission problems
Date: Tue, 13 Sep 2005 15:58:30 +0100
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on 13/9/05 1:20, Pierre Asselin at address@hidden wrote:

> Roddie <address@hidden> wrote:
>> Set up:
>> - Repository on Linux co-lo, with sandbox there too (where the files should
>> run as a publicly accessible website).
>> - Development sandbox on my Mac laptop.
>> - User 'root' of course
>> - User 'roddie' (eventually to be joined by Tom, Dick, and Harry)
>> - User 'cvs'
>> [ ... ]
>> I have a group cvsgrp of which "roddie" and user "cvs" are members. All the
>> files below cvsroot are set to "-rw-rw-r-- roddie cvsgroup"
> You also need the *directories* to be "drwxrsxr-x" <anobody> cvsgroup".
> That is, read-write-execute for user *and* group, and also setgid
> so that new files or directories created under them inherit the
> cvsgrp (Berkeley convention) instead of the creator's default group
> (SysV convention).

Ahh, many thanks. I think you told me more-or-less this a while ago, but at
the time I didn't understand it.


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