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Re: cederqvist's Table of Contents is at the end

From: Marty Leisner
Subject: Re: cederqvist's Table of Contents is at the end
Date: Wed, 14 Sep 2005 17:13:10 -0400

address@hidden (Larry Jones) writes  on Mon, 12 Sep 2005 01:06:31 EDT
     > Douglas Wade Needham writes:
     > > 
     > > As for TeX producing it at the end, that need not be the case.  I
     > > routinely produce documents with the ToC, ToF and such at the front,
     > > and it generally does not require more than a second pass to get those
     > > to work out.
     > Feel free to share your technique, preferably in the form of patches
     > (none of us are TeX/Texinfo experts).
     > -Larry Jones
     > I think we need to change the rules. -- Calvin

I'm not a texinfo expert either, but gdb had it in the front and I copied
what they're doing -- wrt 1.12.12:

--- cvs.texinfo 2005/09/14 05:11:21     1.1
+++ cvs.texinfo 2005/09/14 05:14:21
@@ -180,6 +180,10 @@
 * Index::                       Index
 @end menu
address@hidden iftex
 @c ---------------------------------------------------------------------
 @node Overview
 @chapter Overview
@@ -15669,7 +15673,6 @@

The texinfo docs talk about putting the contents in the back -- this is wrong 
I have to check what's current and maybe discuss it with the texinfo guys...


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