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Re: Do I have a problem with my CVS/Entries file?

From: Allen Marshall
Subject: Re: Do I have a problem with my CVS/Entries file?
Date: Wed, 21 Sep 2005 11:07:11 -0400

The repository root directory, IMHO, should just have module directory names in it, including CVSROOT.  Your root directory looks like it has project stuff mishmashed e.g. source with CVSROOT and modules .  If it were me, I would reorganize the repo to move all the project related stuff into module subdirectories and checkout exactly the module tree you need, leaving CVSROOT out of the checkout.  This may help to isolate the project related files you need to 'cvs add' or whatever which are causing your update message.

> repository/module1/module_subdirs
> repository/module2/module_subdirs
> repository/module3/module_subdirs
> repository/CVSROOT/


and nothing else in the root.

Just my opinion.

Allen Marshall
Cambridge Systematics, Inc.
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Cambridge, MA 02140
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fax  617 354 1542
e-mail  address@hidden

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