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Re: Cannot set root on WinCvs B4

From: Allen Marshall
Subject: Re: Cannot set root on WinCvs B4
Date: Thu, 22 Sep 2005 11:03:35 -0400

It does appear that in WinCVS, if you do this command line option, it will happily submit

        cvs -d :local:c:\cvsroot

as your command.  However, this is not really a command  - it invokes the shell of cvs with no action to perform.

I think you need to enter the cvs command you want, then set the CVSROOT

e.g. enter

        cvs update

but do not hit 'OK'.  Immediately in the WinCVS dialog, go and set the CVSROOT.  The command line will end up as

cvs -d :local:c:\cvsroot update

for you, which is a perfectly fine cvs command (assuming you are in a sandbox directory and so on).

Allen Marshall
Cambridge Systematics, Inc.
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Cambridge, MA 02140
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