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Re: how to prevent cvs from locking?

From: DC
Subject: Re: how to prevent cvs from locking?
Date: Thu, 22 Sep 2005 15:28:01 -0400

On Thu, 22 Sep 2005 14:52:25 -0400 (EDT), address@hidden (Larry Jones) wrote:

>DC writes:
>> Error:
>> cvs: rcs.c:4114: RCS_checkout: Assertion `rev == ((void *)0) || 
>> ((*__ctype_b_loc ())[(int) (((unsigned char) *rev))] & (unsigned short int)
>> _ISdigit)' failed. 
>That strongly implies that the repository file has been corrupted.
>-Larry Jones
>I don't need to improve!  Everyone ELSE does! -- Calvin

Ouch that dosn't sound good.  While I google around for more info, do you have 
any suggestions?

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