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Re: Export files by specific revision number

From: Spiro Trikaliotis
Subject: Re: Export files by specific revision number
Date: Sat, 24 Sep 2005 11:56:35 +0200
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Hello again,

* On Fri, Sep 23, 2005 at 01:45:25PM -0400 Larry Jones wrote:
> Spiro Trikaliotis writes:
> > 
> > So, if I export a whole module (or anything more than just one file), a
> > symbolic tag has to be given. If I export only one single file, a
> > revision would be allowed. Would that be an acceptable solution?
> Sounds good to me.

Ok, Now, the question is: How to implement the cleaneast way to find out
if more than one file is addressed?

After looking through the code, I see two possibilities:

1. In get_server_responses() (client.c), I could check if I get more
   than one "Created".
   Unfortunately, this means I have to test much more cases as this
   function is used by the other cvs commands, too. Furthermore, when I
   find out there was more than one file, I already have created some

2. When performing an cvs export, do the equivalent of "cvs -nq co" to
   find out if there is more than one file beforehand.

I see another, 3rd possibility (which is much easier):

3. Just remove that
       if (tag && isdigit (tag[0]))
            error (1, 0, "tag `%s' must be a symbolic tag", tag);

   test and let the user decide what he wants. That is, if he wants to
   get rev x.y of the whole repository, let him do it (a warning might
   be appropriate, but why should we prevent him from doing so?)

Of course, no. 3 is the easiest solution. In fact, it is the one I would
prefer :), and this is not only because I'm lazy.

> > This is not the fix I had in mind. ;)
> I know, but I felt it was worth doing anyway.  Just be sure to change
> it again in your patch.  :-)

Well, the documentation would have liked the same patch, too.

> > I am never prompted for a password. Anyway, for other servers, this
> > works perfectly.
> I'm not prompted for a password either, but it appears that
> keyboard-interactive is the method that succeeds:
> Perhaps you need a newer version of ssh?

I tried with  Cygwin:

OpenSSH_4.2p1, OpenSSL 0.9.8 05 Jul 2005

and Debian/Sarge:

OpenSSH_3.8.1p1 Debian-8.sarge.4, OpenSSL 0.9.7e 25 Oct 2004

both failed.


Spiro R. Trikaliotis                               

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