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Re: permanent tag

From: Stanley Shivell
Subject: Re: permanent tag
Date: Mon, 26 Sep 2005 16:07:23 -0400

Currently we use a system in production where we keep all of our "known tags" in a database table and we are able to mark tags as "immobile"   If someone attempts to move a tag on an immobile tag my taginfo script catches this and it will not let them.

 Unless my cvs system is so out of date that this is no longer relevant (we're using 1.11 around here and someone called that Ancient earlier).    The taginfo file in CVSROOT should point to a script that it executes when ever a tag is moved or placed.  In that script I take the tag name and pull it's info out of our database  and do soemthing like this

if( $is_active == 0 ){
    print "This tag ($tagname) is currently immobile in the $module module.\n";
    exit -1;

Next thing you know, you're phone is ringing because an angry developer wants to know why he can't move a tag he needs to move. 

The  database's built in user permissions is sufficent to keep others from changing this info.


On 9/26/05, Julian Opificius <address@hidden> wrote:
Jim Hyslop wrote:
> Julian Opificius wrote:
>> Is there any such thing as a permanent tag within CVS? By which I mean
>> a tag which, once attributed to a file, cannot be removed except by
>> authorized administrative means?
> Before I answer, why do you want this feature?

We are developing in accordance with DO178B (FAA) software lifecycle,
and I have to keep permanent records of baselines. During our "release"
process do a checkout of files against a tag, and stuff those files away
in a separate PVCS repository. What I want to do is makes sure that
there is no way that a set of files/revisions that is established at
that time cannot get inadvertently corrupted downstream of the snapshot.

My shorthand way of describing that is a permanent tag that, once
attached, cannot be moved or removed, except in exceptional and unusual
cases, and then only by authorized people - in this case the
Configuration Management group.


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