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cvs updating sticky tags

From: kai . hendry
Subject: cvs updating sticky tags
Date: 27 Sep 2005 17:14:04 -0700
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In my branch "SABS-KG" I used to run:

cvs update -d

To update the sources for a build. I used the CVS/Tag to track the

I've switched over the build system to build by particular dates:

cvs update -d -D 2005-09-27T23:53+0000

Now CVS/Tag only contains date information and not the Sticky Tag of
the branch.

Perhaps I had the wrong command. I tried:

cvs update -d -D 2005-09-27T23:53+0000 -r SABS-KG

But that doesn't have sticky date.

Is this a bug?

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