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Migrate NT CVS to Linux CVS

From: Chesterific
Subject: Migrate NT CVS to Linux CVS
Date: 28 Sep 2005 07:08:12 -0700
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I know there must be more information on this out there, and I
apologize in advance for not being able to find it.  :)

I'm trying to move a Windows based CVS repository to a Linux CVS
server.  I copied the repo and after fixing some permissions things
seem to work OK with the WinCVS client.  One of the requirements of
this is that I have to keep the history intact.

Problems come up when try to setup viewcvs or cvsweb.  These use the
RCS GNU utils (specifically rlog).  rlog can't deal with something in
the history files.   I get an "unknown expand mode u" error when I run
it from the command line.  I found some postings indicating that this
error is due to issues with CVSNT and how it makes the files.

So...what I'm hoping for is some utility or method to move a repository
from Windows to Linux and clean up whatever badness exists from
windows.  Has anyone attempted this?  Any thoughts or help are

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