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Help with cvsnt... I could be in the wrong place

From: bryce
Subject: Help with cvsnt... I could be in the wrong place
Date: 29 Sep 2005 14:59:30 -0700
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I can't seem to find any support on cvsnt for the problem I'm
experiencing. I'm hoping I'm posting in the correct place.

Anyways, here's my problem. I only have one user at the moment, and
whenever I try to work with binary files in my repository (via
tortoisecvs, which knows they're binary files), I seem to get errors
saying I'm not a valid editor. I believe that I have to run the cvs
edit, cvs commit, then cvs unedit it? I'm really confused as to why
this is, but this seems to be the only way I can commit the changes.
All I'd like to be able to do is to be able to save a new copy by
committing an edited version of the file.

Is this right? Is there a way around the issue? Is it clear what I'm
trying to do?

I googled for some cvsnt support, and I can't seem to find any. I
hope this is the right place.

I appreciate any help I get on this. Thanks a lot.


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