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Having trouble with branching on a repository that already has a Vendor

From: Jeff Bowes
Subject: Having trouble with branching on a repository that already has a Vendor branch
Date: Fri, 30 Sep 2005 20:07:33 -0600
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I am having trouble creating a branch on a project that already has a vendor branch. At least the results seem strange to me.

I am importing an open source project (GMOD) as a vendor branch. I change several files and check it in. Later I check out the project and create a branch. This seems to work fine. What I don't understand is that with the files I changed the new branch starts off the trunk (branch: 1.2.2) while with the unchanged files the new branch seems to be starting from the vendor branch (branch

Have I done something wrong? I would have expected the new branch to start from the trunk for unchanged files ( i..e branch 1.1.2). So I don't understand this behavior.

The following is the sequence of commands I made to do this. There were no error message. The final status command includes the output.

>cvs import -m "Import of GMOD 0.003" gmod GMOD GMOD_0_003
> cd ..
> cvs -q co gmod
- changed load/bin/load_ontology.PLS and load/bin/bulk_load_gff3.PLS
> cd gmod
> cvs -q update
> cvs -q ci -m "Etienne added logging to load files"
> cd ..
>cvs -q co -d db2_gmod gmod
>cd db2_gmod
>cvs -q tag DB2_GMOD_ROOT
>cvs -q tag -b DB2_GMOD_BRANCH
>cvs update -r DB2_GMOD_BRANCH
> cvs -q status README load/bin/load_ontology.PLS
File: README            Status: Up-to-date

  Working revision:
Repository revision: /data_01/cvs/repositories/xenbase/gmod/README,v
  Sticky Tag:          DB2_GMOD_BRANCH (branch:
  Sticky Date:         (none)
  Sticky Options:      (none)

File: load_ontology.PLS Status: Up-to-date

  Working revision:    1.2
Repository revision: 1.2 /data_01/cvs/repositories/xenbase/gmod/load/bin/load_ontology.PLS,v
  Sticky Tag:          DB2_GMOD_BRANCH (branch: 1.2.2)
  Sticky Date:         (none)
  Sticky Options:      (none)


Jeff Bowes

Jeff Bowes M.Sc.
DBA/Technical Architect, Xenbase
Department of Biological Sciences
University of Calgary
Calgary, Alberta T2N 1N4
Tel: (403) 220-2824 Fax: (403) 284-4707

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