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Re: How to find the changes related to a check in?

From: yozhang
Subject: Re: How to find the changes related to a check in?
Date: 31 Oct 2005 22:00:12 -0800
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Thanks for the help. I mainly does not like the merge step in my
current procedure. I think it is very easy to introduce errors.

For the procedure you mentioned:

- check out code
- apply tag SCRxxx_add_new_feature_BEFORE_CHANGE to unmodified code
- modify code
- check in changes
- apply tag SCRxxx_add_new_feature_AFTER_CHANGES to moified code

If I have more than one users doing the same thing at the same time,
does it still work?
I mean before I check in the change and apply the AFTER_tag, if another
user checked in his change and applied his change.

I can use branch if necessary. I mainly do not like the merge step. At
this time, the number of merge is the number of changes between two

I have used perforce before. Each checkin will has a change number.
using that change number it is very easy to get the file names which
were changed and what the changes are in those files. Is there a
safe/easy way for CVS to do that?

My current project need to a way to find the change related to SCR. The
change is checked in branch based on the latest release tag. Thus using
branch check in tag and last release tag, we can get the changes. But
this way, the final trunk merge need too much work.


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