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Re: Need help on source update

From: Russ Sherk
Subject: Re: Need help on source update
Date: Wed, 2 Nov 2005 10:57:19 -0500

Hi Krishna,

Sorry, I miss-copied your original update command.  I never use the global -nq options.  Anyhow, this is the command I would use:
cvs up -d
(Or if you really must use the -nq global options: cvs -nq up -d)

Also, you cvs version 1.11.1p1 is ancient.  You should upgrade to the latest 1.11.xx release (1.11.21 I think).  There are lots and lots of bugs that have been fixed since 1p1.



On 11/2/05, Krishna Prasad MV <address@hidden> wrote:
Hi Russ,
No luck...
I tried that, but I got the following errors. I am using CVS Ver. 1.11.1p1 (client/server).
address@hidden Buildscripts]$ cvs update -nqd
up: invalid option -- n

Usage: cvs update [-APCdflRp] [-k kopt] [-r rev] [-D date] [-j rev]
    [-I ign] [-W spec] [files...]
        -A      Reset any sticky tags/date/kopts.
        -P      Prune empty directories.
        -C      Overwrite locally modified files with clean repository copies.
        -d      Build directories, like checkout does.
        -f      Force a head revision match if tag/date not found.
        -l      Local directory only, no recursion.
        -R      Process directories recursively.
        -p      Send updates to standard output (avoids stickiness).
        -k kopt Use RCS kopt -k option on checkout. (is sticky)
        -r rev  Update using specified revision/tag (is sticky).
        -D date Set date to update from (is sticky).
        -j rev  Merge in changes made between current revision and rev.
        -I ign  More files to ignore (! to reset).
        -W spec Wrappers specification line.
(Specify the --help global option for a list of other help options)
address@hidden Buildscripts]$ cvs -nqd update
Usage: cvs [cvs-options] command [command-options-and-arguments]
  where cvs-options are -q, -n, etc.
    (specify --help-options for a list of options)
  where command is add, admin, etc.
    (specify --help-commands for a list of commands
     or --help-synonyms for a list of command synonyms)
  where command-options-and-arguments depend on the specific command
    (specify -H followed by a command name for command-specific help)
  Specify --help to receive this message
The Concurrent Versions System (CVS) is a tool for version control.
For CVS updates and additional information, see
    the CVS home page at or
    Pascal Molli's CVS site at
Thanks & Regards
Krishna Prasad MV (KP)
IT/IS Team
Kodiak Networks
Bangalore - India
----- Original Message -----
From: Russ Sherk
Sent: Wednesday, November 02, 2005 6:00 PM
Subject: Re: Need help on source update

cvs up -nqd
-d gets missing dirs.

For help on all cvs commands, you can use 'cvs -H <command>' (e.g. cvs -H up)


On 11/2/05, Krishna Prasad MV <address@hidden> wrote:
Hi All,
I have checked out source in my work area, Now the problem is after my checkout one of my team member is added the new directory and the files on to the source. When a say " cvs -nq update" or "cvs update" output will be none.
Now i don't want to do a fresh checkout, how to over come this issue. (It happens only if we add new directories)

Thanks & Regards
Krishna Prasad MV (KP)
IT/IS Team
Kodiak Networks
Bangalore - India

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