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Re: revision numbers of files in a branch

From: Mark D. Baushke
Subject: Re: revision numbers of files in a branch
Date: Wed, 02 Nov 2005 23:04:52 -0800

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Vidya Chandrasekaran <address@hidden> writes:

>        I am currently working on a 'cvs push and pull tool', the gory 
> details of which i shall skip. I have to process files in the working 
> directory based on the branch that they belong to, if they do.
>        Now, cederquivist states
>        >> $ cvs tag -b rel-1-0-patches
>        >> [snip]
>        >>Note that the numeric revision number that matches  rel-1-0  
> will probably be different from file to file.
>     I understand this to mean two files at the head of a newly created 
> branch may have A.B.C.X and A.B.C.Y as their version numbers.
>     Can i expect the A.B.C part to be same for both files?

No. Each file has its own set of revision number that are totally
unrelated to other files in the tree.

For example, if fileA was revision 1.14 when branch rel-1 was
created and fileB was revision 1.8 when branch rel-1 was created, then
fileA may have as the magic CVS branch and the first commit
to the rel-1 branch would bump it to revision while the fileB
would have a first revision of Of course, if a branch beta-1
was added to fileA revision 1.14 and fileB revision 1.7 before the rel-1
branch, then you might see a as the first commit to rel-1 for 

>     Or do you suggest that going by tags would be a better idea. Either 
> way, it doesn't hurt to know.

Never make any assumptions about the internal CVS revision numbering

> Thanks
> Vidya
> PS: I can't help the legal(?) disclaimer. This is the only email account 
> i have access to. Apologies.

You may wish to get a account...

        -- Mark
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