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CVS for differing regional sites?

From: Stefan Schwarzer
Subject: CVS for differing regional sites?
Date: Thu, 3 Nov 2005 13:49:56 +0100

Hi list,

before taking the deep plunge into the world of CVS, I would like to ask you as the experienced users for advice. I searched quite some time on the Internet to find some information about the basics of CVS. So, the principle(s) I do understand. But here is my situation:

We have developed a site with something like 80 (mostly php) files, a mysql database and some other stuff covering global information. Now, this site has so much success in our organisation that regional manifestations of the "portal" are planned for different regions of the world. These do use the "global" code. But some adoptions have to be made within the code to reflect the regional scale of the site.

Here is my question: Beside the fact that these regional developers could contribute to ameliorate the code (via a CVS), can the issue of the insertion & replacement of certain pieces of code be solved by using a CVS when the regions update theirs sites with the latest "global" version?

I hope I could make the point clear enough...

I would be grateful for any advice.

Thanks a lot.

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