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Re: sticky tag problem

From: Russ Sherk
Subject: Re: sticky tag problem
Date: Thu, 3 Nov 2005 09:20:19 -0500

Hi Martin,

Give the branching and merging section of the cvs manual a read:

On 11/3/05, Martín Marqués <address@hidden> wrote:
I having trouble, maybe understanding, with sticky tags.

This is what I did:

We have a development with the main branch (HEAD) and a 1.2 branch which we
are about to close development on, and build a new 1.3 branch from HEAD. The
problem is that I added a new file in the 1.2 branch and updated it to the
HEAD with:

$ cvs up -r Branch_1_2 newfile

What this does is updat  (switches to) BRANCH_1_2 which is not what you want.  You want to merge BRANCH_1_2 with the main trunk.  The -j option to cvs co/up will do a merge.

This should do the trick:
cvs co myModule (get the main trunk)
cvs up -j BRANCH_1_2 myModule

You'll see a bunch of messages and there should be a line that says:
A myModule/myfile
This means the file from BRANCH_1_2 has been added (A) to the destination branch (in your case the main trunk).

Note: you can not check in changes from a sandbox that has a sticky tag.  This includes the HEAD sticky tag.  If you have checked out from HEAD, you'll have to clear the sticky tag with 'cvs up -A' or (as in my example above) check out a fresh copy without specifying the HEAD tag.


The problem is that it gets a sticky tag of Branch_1_2 and I can't get rid of
it. If I use -A in the update it eliminates the file, which is not what I

Any ideas?

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