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rtag/taginfo/posttag script to send one email

From: Jim Searle
Subject: rtag/taginfo/posttag script to send one email
Date: Fri, 4 Nov 2005 14:12:24 -0800

I've written scripts for taginfo & posttag triggers. The taginfo script
writes the last seen directory/file to a temporary file, and the posttag
script keeps gathering up file information until the last directory/file is
seen.   These scripts are similar to the commmitinfo & loginfo scripts other
use, which are commonly called commitcheck and log_accum.

The taginfo/posttag scripts work perfectly for the 'cvs tag' command.  But
now I find the behavior of the 'cvs rtag' command is different.  For example
if you run:
- cvs tag dir/a dir/b dir2/c
This will call the following:
 - taginfo dir/a dir/b
 - taginfo dir2/c
 - posttag dir/a dir/b
 - posttag dir2/c

So this works as I expected.  Since taginfo is called on all files before
posttag is called, the posttag is able to know when it hits the last file so
it can send the email.

But, when you run:
- cvs rtag dir/a dir/b dir2/c
It will call the following:
 - taginfo dir/a
 - posttag dir/a
 - taginfo dir/b
 - posttag dir/b
 - taginfo dir2/c
 - posttag dir2/c

So there is not elegant way for posttag to know when it's at the last

Does anyone know a good way to handle this so when someone says 'cvs rtag
dir/a dir/b dir2/c' only one email is sent out immediately after the final
tag operation?


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