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Re: passing the password in command line

From: Todd Denniston
Subject: Re: passing the password in command line
Date: Tue, 08 Nov 2005 17:56:53 -0500

Taking this back the info-cvs list, please use reply all or list reply, as
you will get more/better help from the list than just me.

"Rachupally, Upendra (GE Healthcare, consultant)" wrote:
> Hi Todd,
> Actually I am trying to do CVS login, check out and Logout from a script
> where it includes other functionality also. 

Why are you doing the logout????
if you are going to use the insecure pserver, especialy from a script, why
not use it in it's normal form ... login forever.

> So I need to login and
> logout before I do other stuff that is why I want to pass password as a
> command line parameter. Even it asks for the first time it is going to
> be a problem as I am trying to execute the script in a non interactive
> mode.
> I tried using your command
> And it is still prompting for the password.
> Please let me know if there any other ideas I can pass the password as a
> parameter.

if you interactively login as the user the script will run as one time and
do the login by hand, from then on the script should be able to just run,
without having to execute "cvs ... login",  i.e., cvs login is a one time
event for the user account, it does not have to be done each time you want a
session with the server.

> Thanks
> Upendra
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> Sent: Tuesday, November 08, 2005 2:54 PM
> To: Rachupally, Upendra (GE Healthcare, consultant)
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> Subject: Re: passing the password in command line
> > "Rachupally, Upendra (GE Healthcare, consultant)" wrote:
> >
> > Hi,
> >
> > I am trying to use the command line commands to login to CVS.
> > Following is the command
> >
> > cvs -d :pserver:address@hidden:/cvsroot/gehcbi login
> >
> > It is asking for the password. I want to supply the password in the
> > same command to avoid the prompt. I tried passing the password in the
> > command line like this and it is not working
> >
> > cvs -d :pserver:JOHN:address@hidden:/cvsroot/gehcbi login
> >
> > Could please let me know how to pass the password in the command so
> > that it won't prompt for that.
> >
> > Thanks in advance
> the Frequent Answer to this Question is:
> you only have to do the login once, unless you do cvs logouts, so why
> are you trying to script it? It usually seems bad enough just having the
> simply munged password in the ~/.cvspass, why would you want to put it
> in clear text for ps and top to show?
> the quick answer, I think, for  how to do it is:
> echo -ne "WELCOME\n" | \
> cvs -d :pserver:address@hidden:/cvsroot/gehcbi login

Todd Denniston
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