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RE: Preview before commit

From: Arthur Barrett
Subject: RE: Preview before commit
Date: Thu, 10 Nov 2005 13:30:38 +1100


Using the free (GPL) cvsnt for unix/linux/windows/mac you can do:

$ cvs status -q | grep "Locally Modified"
cvs server: Examining .
File: mary.txt          Status: Locally Modified
cvs server: Examining announce
cvs server: Examining xmlgrep
File: launchcvs.cpp     Status: Locally Modified

On windows you can use tortoisecvs (which uses the cvsnt client) to do
the commit and it'll display a list of files before going any further...

You can even click on any file and get an individual diff...

Alternatively you can use a more pro-active approach and use "cvs commit
-c" which checks for valid edits before a commit.  Then you first have
to "mark" a file as changing with "cvs edit" before changing it, eg:
cvs edit -b 1234 hello.c
cvs edit -b 456 main.c
cvs edit -b 1234 hello.h
cvs commit -c -b 1234 -m "Only commit changes related to bug 1234"

If you do choose to use cvsnt or tortoisecvs - please direct your
questions to the tortoise or cvsnt newsgroup.


Arthur Barrett

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Subject: Preview before commit


Is it possible to invoke a command to preview the list of files would 
checked in and/or removed and/or add on executing a certain cvs commit 

Thanks for any help

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