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RE: Keeping only latest version of a file in repository

From: Arthur Barrett
Subject: RE: Keeping only latest version of a file in repository
Date: Thu, 10 Nov 2005 20:17:45 +1100


Very oddly this exact same question came up on the TortoiseCVS list just
yesterday about CVSNT...

There is no automatic way of doing what you want - but you could use cvs
admin to remove the old versions.

If you could take some time to explain why your build process would want
to store these files in version control so it can complete the build
process I'd like to know.

Eg: we build our applications from source in CVS and the .obj and .lib
files are required to then build the remainder of the application,
however the .obj and .lib files are still there without a need to put
them in CVS...

Just theorising, but perhaps you have multilple build processes, one
that generates .lib files and others that then need those .lib files but
they are not ran in the SAME build environment... The difficulty with
that approach is if you ever need to rebuild the second project you need
to rebuild the first anyway (to ensure you have the same .lib file,
because the first project has been subsequently changed).

It appears to me to make more sense to version the binary files, or have
a single monolithic build process.  

If you are using CVSNT (free, GPL, Unix/Linux/Windows/Mac) and you DO
want to version the binary files you can use the -kB expansion option
(instead of -kb) which will use a more efficient algorithm for creating
binary deltas and hence save storage space on the server.  If you are
interested in that please move the discusion to the CVSNT newsgroup.


Arthur Barrett

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Subject: Keeping only latest version of a file in repository

Hi there,

is there a flag in cvs that allows to keep only the latest version of a
file in the repository?

This would be useful for product files that can be rebuilt from sources,
but only with additional manual effort. These files need not to be
versioned, and should not due to their binary nature. However it would
be nice to have them in the repository, as they might be necessary for
the remaining build process.

M$'s VSS (which I am forced to use in some projects) has this "keep only
latest version" flag when adding files. With VSS being crap in most
parts, I think there must be such a feature in CVS if even VSS has it. I
just did not find it yet.

Joachim Schlosser
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