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undiff ?

From: azl84
Subject: undiff ?
Date: 15 Nov 2005 02:18:46 -0800
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I'm looking for a way of restoring the original files from a 3way or
2way diff file.

What I'd need is to undiff the conflictual files after a merge with cvs
update -j mybranch  ( eventually in a 3 way mode with cvsnt ), and to
use an external graphical diff/merge program tu resolve the conflicts.

Actually xxdiff proposes a -unfidff and -undiff3 options that would do
the trick inside the GUI, however xxdiff is not very user friendly for
merging, and also it is not available on Windows ( actually it is
available, but it is not realy supported ). I know that emerge also has
such a feature, but memebrs of my team find emacs/emerge even less user
friendly then the xxdiff merger.

I wasn't able to find any unix utilities or perl scripts that would
perform the revese diff in order to restore the current, merged and
possibly the ancestor file from a diff result.

I must say that I'm a little bit surprized that such a utlity does not
exist as I'm quite sure that I'm not the first one to need it :).

So If anyone knows such a program, I'd realy be glad to hear about it !

Thanks for any pointers ! 


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