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Branch to trunk merge scheduled new files for removal

From: simmo
Subject: Branch to trunk merge scheduled new files for removal
Date: 16 Nov 2005 08:43:46 -0800
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Please help as I am tearing my hair out over this one!!!!!!!

I have a main trunk and a development branch (branch_11432). Prior to
testing I merged the trunk into the branch tagging the trunk at that
point (trunk_to_branch_11432_merge_1). After testing had been completed
I wanted to merge the branch back into the trunk. I followed the
following steps:

$ # Checkout a working copy of the trunk
$ cvs co src
$ cd src

$ # Tag the trunk
$ # cvs tag before_merge_from_branch_11432

$ # Merge the branch back into the trunk
$ cvs update -d -j trunk_to_branch_11432_merge_1 -j branch_11432

At this point I see that various files are scheduled for output - files
that I know nothing about. Upon further investigation, it turns out
that these files are all new files, that have been added since doing my
initial merge from trunk to branch.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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