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Re: cvs remove and pre-commit check

From: Mark E. Hamilton
Subject: Re: cvs remove and pre-commit check
Date: Wed, 16 Nov 2005 14:09:39 -0700
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Lakshman Srilakshmanan wrote:
Hi All,

I'm presuming that you are using 1.11.x. The following may apply to 1.12.x, but I don't know.

First, read this:

I have a pre-commit check as follows. It checks to ensure that the cvs
tags Author, Revision and Header are present in the file.

No, it doesn't




Author=`grep '\$Author' $filename`
if [ -z "$Author" ] ; then
    echo "Author does not Exists"
    exit 1
<irrelevant commands removed from sample script>

This isn't going to work. According the man page, the parameters passed to the command invoked by commitinfo are any parameters you put on the command line, followed by the repository directory and *all* the file names. Assuming you don't pass any other parameters to your script from your commitinfo file, your script's parameters will be

dir f1 {f2 ...}

So, what you should be doing is something like this:


for filename in $*
    check file $filename

It works fine for new files and changes. But when I commit after a "cvs
remove" I get the following error

grep: sgs13.txt: No such file or directory

I understand, that since the file does not exist, grep can't find it. But $* contains the following.

/cvs/sgs/src/conf sgs13.txt               Note : /cvs ==> is my "cvs
server root".

Therefore non of my greps should have worked as the file will be called
sgs13.txt,v under /cvs and would not exist under the repository anyway (for new files).

Your $filename variable value is incorrect. As you point out $* contains *the directory and the file name(s)*, so that's what is in $filename. So, your grep looks like this:

grep '\$Author' /cvs/sgs/src/conf sgs13.txt

This will fail to find $Author in the directory (obviously) but it may find it in sgs13.txt, and so assign it to the variable.

For removed files, according to the manual when a file is being removed it will not exist in the current directory. So, you can't grep it. You should test it for existance before grep'ing it.

Also, since there will be more than one file on the command line you must have a file loop as I said above. So combining the file loop and an existance test you would need:

for filename in $*
    test ! -e $filename && continue
    egrep >/dev/null 2>&1 'blah' $filename || { echo "message" ; exit 1 ; }

Q1. how does cvs know about my file when I am working from windows
client and the cvs server in on Linux.
Q2. Why does it work for new files when the directory is /cvs. New files
will not exist in the repository

New and modified files are copied to a temp directory on the server. With a local repository they exist in your working directory. Removed files are not copied to the server, and they do not exist in your working directory.

Q3. Any workaround ?

You need to correct your script.

Mark E. Hamilton
Orion International Technologies, Inc.
Sandia National Laboratory, NM.

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