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Re: redhat cvs server install

From: kevin bailey
Subject: Re: redhat cvs server install
Date: Tue, 22 Nov 2005 09:13:51 +0000
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Jim Hyslop wrote:

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> kevin bailey wrote:
>> have been given a redhat server to work with - RHEL4.
>> does anyone have any pointers to setting up a pserver enabled cvs server
>> on this server.
> Have you checked the manual on setting up remote repositories:
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thanks for that.

it kind of took a while to sink in that CVS is primarily a way of setting up
repositories and putting files in and out.

i'm so used to client/server stuff that i just assumed it was another
client/server setup.

if fact, i should be able to access the repository using ssh because i have
access to the CVS 'server' - pserver is a tool which has been added as an
authentication mechanism for CVS.

the link you sent is great - nice and clear stuff.

i suppose i'm also used to debian where stuff gets set up for you - there is
a package call cvsd which sets up pserver for you - it also creates a
default repository, sets permissions correctly etc.

another great doc source i found was

thanks again,


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