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Re: get fresh copy without doing merge

From: Russ Sherk
Subject: Re: get fresh copy without doing merge
Date: Tue, 22 Nov 2005 07:50:26 -0500

On 11/22/05, eagle.liu [劉振] <address@hidden> wrote:

Hi Jim and Russ,
    I know I could explicitly specify files one-by-one in the command.  But
that's what I do not want.
    Think about what if I have hundreds of files that are distributed in
several different directories.  That would be a disaster to go into each
directory to "copy" them to the branch.
    Is there any magic way to do that?

Maybe in Xanth, Middle Earth, Kryn or some other such world.  Man life would be good if I was a wizard.  Anyhow, if you want to selectively omit file from a merge you have to specify a subset of files one way or another.

You can either do it in the above specified manner or you could apply temp tags to the file sets, check out by tag (which would only check out the file subset that has the temp tag applied) and operate on that.  Any  way you cut it, you still have to tell cvs "Hey!  I only want these files affected by this operation!".  And yet another way would be to apply the merges to all files and revert to the correct revision on the files you wanted to be unaffected by the merge.

(Note: only yell at your computer when no one is around.)

Assuming that this is a common situation for you, you probably need to think about how you got into this situation and change the way you do things.


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