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Re: How to get the branch name into the commitlog and email message

From: Jim Hyslop
Subject: Re: How to get the branch name into the commitlog and email message
Date: Mon, 28 Nov 2005 17:41:38 -0500
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Russ Sherk wrote:
> Seriously, I don't know why you guys get so worked up about the use of
> cutsie fake email addresses.

Because it's an abuse of a legitimate domain. I know I'd be annoyed if
someone faked an email using a domain: it's my company
name they are putting on the line. If someone comes in here with a
really stupid question (not that the original question in this thread
was stupid - it wasn't, but I'm posing a hypothetical situation) or
worse, a really bad answer, it will look bad on me and on my
consultancy. Does Mr. Sunshine really have the right to do that? I think

When I respond to forged email addresses, it also causes yet one more
piece of garbage in my inbox that I have to deal with. Spammers and
viruses are bad enough - are you saying I should just put up with people
who are too self-centered to think about how their actions affect
others? I think not.

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