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Re: Ignoring files and directories when checking out

From: Jim Hyslop
Subject: Re: Ignoring files and directories when checking out
Date: Tue, 29 Nov 2005 07:25:07 -0500
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Sanjay Goel wrote:
> I have a few big data files (>100 MB) that I would want to keep on the cvs
> server. But then every developer will have to checkout that file when they
> do a root level checkout. Since most of the developers will not need this
> file, I wanted a way to mask these files, as VSS does support the masking
> feature. Tagging and removing seems like a workable hack, though not really
> clean.

Partition your repository better. Get your developers out of the habit
of doing root level checkouts - it makes it quite limiting for you, as
you have just found out. This means you have to also get out of the
mindset of "one project, one repository" - a repository is quite capable
of tracking hundreds of separate projects.

Move the files into a different directory, then either use a cvs module
(see the manual on 'modules file') or a script to explicitly check out
those files when needed.

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