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CVS/fileattr gets emptied when having wrong permissions (sgid set)

From: Marko Kaening
Subject: CVS/fileattr gets emptied when having wrong permissions (sgid set)
Date: Tue, 29 Nov 2005 19:44:13 +0100 (CET)


we noticed that fileattr files in our repository got emptied, when we 
tried to do a "cvs edit". cvs claimed that it was unable to write to the 
file, leaving us with a fileattr with length zero. (Access to the repo was 
made via ssh.)

The problem was caused by the fact that we (when copying our repo from one 
server to another) lost our file permissions. We had a quick check with 
another existing repo on the new server and decided to simply set all 
files and dirs with the "set group id" attribute (this included of course 
also the fileattr files).

The sgid is necessary for folders only, as we know now, but it does no 
harm if set for normal files in the repo.

BUT, it is fatal for the fileattr's. Somehow cvs doesn't like the sgid on 
them and decides to fail when trying to write to them if you have set 
watch on and try to "cvs edit" on a file.


version: cvs 1.12.12

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