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How to determine the working directory?

From: nospam_timur
Subject: How to determine the working directory?
Date: 30 Nov 2005 08:50:08 -0800
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Let's say I issue the following commands:

[tabi: /tmp] cd ~
[tabi: ~] cvs co -d 1639 repository
[tabi: ~] cd 1639/source
[tabi: ~/1639/source]

This checks out all the files from my repository and puts them in a
directory called "1639", and then goes to the ~/1639/source directory.
The top-level working directory is "/home/tabi/1639/"

Is there a CVS command that I can issue that will give me the top-level
directory from within /home/tabi/1639/source?  That is, something like:

[tabi: ~/1639/source] cvs query directory
[tabi: ~/1639/source]

The reason I do this is that I create a sandbox for each bug that I
work on, and I often work on several bugs at once.  In this case, I'm
working on bug 1639.  I would like to write some shell scripts that
need to know where the top level directory of my sandbox is.  I've
search the Internet and the man pages, and I see no way to do this.

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