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Managing a project in multiple directories?

From: google
Subject: Managing a project in multiple directories?
Date: 3 Jan 2006 11:05:21 -0800
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The project in question does not have a single root directory. Although
the bulk of the files live in /var/www (and *only* project-related
files are in there), some critical ones live in /etc and other
directories (and in most cases there are non-project files in these
directories). Effectively, the project consists of the entire
filesystem, with huge chunks (/tmp, /dev, /bin, ...) ignored.

The question is, how to convince CVS to treat this project as a single
unit: eg when checking out, I don't want to say 'cvs checkout proj' and
have the entire project filesystem dumped into ./proj; rather the
checked out files should be created with their correct absolute paths.

I'm not entirely sure that CVS is even the right tool for this job...

Any suggestions?



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