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Re: Deleting files and Attic

From: Mark D. Baushke
Subject: Re: Deleting files and Attic
Date: Wed, 04 Jan 2006 08:59:18 -0800

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akkisoft <address@hidden> writes:

> The developers deleted a few files from a branch e.g. a.txt and b.txt
> were removed from branch 'TEST'. These files would move to Attic
> folder.

The Attic folder is an optimization for files that were removed or are
not visible on the main trunk (ie, added only to a branch and not to the
main trunk).

A revision that has been removed from a branch would just be marked as
dead. Only if the branch happens to be the main trunk is any work done
for the Attic.

> Does this Attic folder gets created on the branch?

The Attic does not work as you suspect it does.

No directories of any kind are actually considered to be controlled. The
Attic folder is created only when a file is not to be visible on the
main trunk. Otherwise, the ,v files are kept in the directory that would
otherwise own the Attic directory.

> The user then adds new files say a.txt (same name as the deleted file)
> and c.txt.
> Would a.txt still remain in the Attic folder? Will this new file be
> treated as next version of a.txt?

If the file is added to the branch and not the main line and if there
are no revisions visible on the main line, then the a.txt,v file will be
in the Attic. If the a.txt file has a live revision on the main trunk,
then the a.txt,v file will not be in the Attic.

Each revision of a.txt will have a particular branch associated with it
(unless you manage to remove the symbolic branch name using cvs admin,
but do not do that). A membership in a particular branch is not related
to the existence of the Attic folder.

Please do not confuse where CVS stores the ,v files with anything useful
to a program outside of CVS. In the dim past the Attic directory was
used instead of creating a revision with a 'dead' state for the main
trunk and CVS has never been taught to get rid of all of the Attic
directory processing that is no longer as useful as it once was.

        -- Mark
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